Projects by Chris Taylor

Kit Taylor Reports - Present


Site: https://ktaylor.press

Built as a portfolio site for my partner, this was my first time using technologies such as Ghost and reCAPTCHA. I didn't like the look of the default contact forms so I rolled my own to send an email when the form was submitted. Visitor analytics are handled using a self-hosted Matomo instance, as with all of my personal websites.

Technologies Used:

Drumsmith - Present

Built as a homage to games such as Rocksmith® and Guitar Hero, Drumsmith is designed as a learning tool for drums. It is very much a work in progress.

Technologies Used:


Fitbit Gallery

Fitbit Gallery: https://gallery.fitbit.com/details/4667f781-fe2c-4f00-a408-4503970282f1

After the unfortunate demise of Pebble, I started using a Fitbit Versa as my wrist-based smart device. To make the transition easier, I made a loving recreation of my favourite watchface. It features the ability to change the font and colours through the Fitbit app as well as localisation for the day and month names.

Technologies Used:

Keep-on-Time -

Keep-on-Time is an application I developed in the summer before my PGCE. I intended it to help me keep time during my lessons but it could be applied to any tasks that are time critical. The project is split into an API and a frontend application . I also developed an application for my Fitbit watch to use the system when away from my PC. I stopped developing Keep-on-Time when I realised my teaching needed to be a lot more flexible than it allowed, but the groundwork is in place to add any more features.

Technologies Used:

  • Typescript
  • MongoDB
  • Google Login
  • Websockets
  • NodeJS
  • JWT

Future Plans:

  • Export plans in iCalendar format

Blanking for Google Slides™

Chrome Store

Chrome Store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/blanking-for-google-slide/fhmkgeipfoolhiahanpepjlplokpcfib

While preparing for my PGCE and creating a whole bunch of powerpoints, I noticed that Google Slides™ doesn't have the "blanking" feature that Microsoft Powerpoint™ has. I quickly created this simple Google Chrome extension to add that feature.

Technologies Used:

BEng Final Project -


Report: https://christhebaron.co.uk/static/2018_ChristopherTaylor_BEngReport.pdf

Codenamed "Pegasus", this was the final project for my BEng in Electronic Engineering at the University of York. The initial proposal for the project was developed by SALEIE . The report can be found here. The software package allowed the user to control various pieces of lab equipment using NLP and exported their results into an accessible PDF. For this project I developed a simple scripting language that allowed the user to run complex tests using a single voice command.

Technologies Used:

Strava to Calendar -

Used to keep my life organised, Strava to Calendar exports all of a users activities on Strava for viewing on an iCalendar compatible calendar.

Technologies Used:

Future Plans:

  • Allow filtering by activity type
  • Allow customisation of calendar entry name and description

Axosoft Stopwatch -

Stopwatch is a desktop client for Axosoft, a bug tracking system for scrum development. It was my first major project written in Java. I developed a simple website in PHP to allow users to check for updates. First developed in 2015, I used this application during my dissertation project for my BEng.

Technologies Used: